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Crayon Floral Wallpaper Sample

Crayon Floral Wallpaper Sample

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Ref: PSWP1009
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At Minibeau, we adore this Crayon Floral wallpaper! Illustrator Polly Stopfourth's stunning colours create a modern yet classic look that is perfect for layering with your child's favourite art prints. Experience the artist's expressions firsthand as the wallpaper brings their pencil crayon work to life, giving the design a genuine, hand-crafted feel.

With its timeless elegance suitable for all ages, there will be no need to redecorate your little one's nursery or bedroom in a few years! Inspired by the blooming of new flowers in spring, this wallpaper will bring a cheerful, thought-provoking beauty into your home that will last all year round. Let your home be a reflection of your family's unique style.

Each roll is 52cm x 10m and the pattern repeat is 52x52cm


    Wallpaper is available via a dropship service.
    The size of each roll is 52cm x 10m and the pattern repeat is 52cm
    Price available upon request. RRP £140 per roll
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